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Model Yacht Construction Sites


AMYA US 1 Meter Plans and Construction Guide
Most of the techniques are applicable to any class.

A French site with step-by-step pictures showing the building of a planked IOM plug, making a mold, and pulling a fiberglass hull is here. If your French is as lousy as mine, you can get a pretty good translation by plugging the url into this translation site.

Lester Gilbert's site has a host of technical information, much of it more theoretical than how-to, but still extremely useful.

Greater Hartford MYC has a number of technical articles regarding building a boat.


Sails are your engine, and probably should be purchased from an experienced, reputable sailmaker. But in case you want to roll your own, here are some resources:

Piedmont Model Yacht Club shows their method of making sails at Sailmaking 101.